Aberdares National park

Aberdares National park

Situated 100km North of Nairobi at the majestic Mount Kenya and named after the President of the Royal Geographical society (Lord Aberdares) by the Intrepid Scot, Joseph Thomson, who explored the Region in 1883.
Its also important water catchments area  providing water to the Tana and Athi river and a part of  central Rift and Northern drainage basins.

Aberdares national park offers a variety of accommodations for any visiting clients. The tree top tree houses, the Ark built in the shape of biblical Noah. Special campsites, bandas and public campsites are also available. The two lodges offer nighttime wildlife viewing where animals can be spotted from the decks. A waterhole in the grounds attracts all manner of wildlife. Clients at these lodges can place requests to be woken up when your animals of choice come for a drink. The temperatures at the aberdare are quite cool because of the closeness to the mountain. this is one of the specials that a Kenya safari can offer.

The elusive forest antelope, the bongo is found here. Spotted and Melanistic serval cats are also seen. Other Mammals abound in the forest include Elephant, Buffalo, Giant forest hog and Kenya’s indigenous and Endangered Black Rhino, Game viewing is very rewarding; Lion, Baboon, Black and White Columbus, Elusive Leopard and Sykes monkey are also abundant. Bird watching is incredible with over 250 species recorded including; Aberdares cisticola, Jackson’s francolins, Sparrow hawk, Goshawk, Plover, Sunbird and Eagles.

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