Kenya Spa Safari resort adjoining a Wildlife National Park

Kenya is original home of Safari. It is among the best wildlife safari destination in the world. Kenya is home to the only wildlife park near a city. Nairobi national park is the only wildlife park near a city in the world. This is a fact. We are soon becoming the only country in the world with a geothermal Spa resort adjoining a national park. Ever thought of a Kenya Spa Safari? Hells gate national park in Kenya will be a sought destination for wellness, beauty and Spa holidays. This will literally be a spa safari destination.

The surrounding area of Olkaria is source of geothermal power in Kenya. The power generating company, KENGEN is looking at tourism opportunities in the area. They are putting up a spa resort that will be operational from next year. The spa will adjoin the Hell Gate national park. This is the real Spa safari that you can take in Africa. The surrounding area too is a hive of activity. Lake Naivasha which is few minutes away is an attraction by itself. Activities here include boat rides, nature walks, bird watch and horse riding.

The Kenya Spa resort will feature open air lagoons with warm temperatures. The facility will use brime water that has unique healing and medical contents. There will also be steam and Sauna rooms. To top up, there will be food restaurants. This makes it a complete Kenya Spa safari complex. It is the first ever natural Spa resort in Kenya.

The facility will also have an information center on how geothermal power is tapped. The first phase of the facility will not include accommodate. However in the next phase and future the resort will be an all inclusive facility. Hells gate will not only be a home of Adventure. It will be a beauty,wellness and Kenya Spa safari destination.





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