Bombolulu Workshops

The Bombululu workshops is located in the coastal town of Mombasa. It is a project started with the aim of empowering the physically challenged in the society. The project supports men and women with different kinds of disabilities.  It is represented all over Kenya with four workshops. The workshops enhances a way of life for the most needy in society.

The physically challenged have been empowered with various art training opportunities to fully integrate them in society. They become fully dependent and do not have to rely on well wishers. The workers also benefit from social benefits that include clinics, schools, HIV prevention and counseling, and social halls.

The work shops produces high quality craft  items that include those made from wood, bone, stone, clay, soapstone, brass, seeds, recycled materials, semi precious stone and local clothes.  The final finished products include bracelets, rings, safari bags, sandals, table mats, salad spoons, belts and much more. The items made are sold at fair prices. It has no comparison to curios that you will find in the city centers. The Akamba carving steal the show. the replicas of people, wildlife and birds are so attractive to the eye. You will always find something to pick for a friend back home.
Bombolulu Workshops has grown to be one of the major craft exporters in the country. The center has been accredited for it high quality products. The products have excellent finishes and sell themselves. They are exported to major European countries. A visit to one of the Bombolulu work shops is supporting a needy person in society.The workshops are open on week days . They have a lunch hour break when they remain closed. The worshop also has a cultural center where you can enjoy traditional African dances.

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