Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi is a unique and inspiring Luxury safari camp. It  is situated at the foothills of chyulu hills. It is situated  in the 280,000 acre kuku ranch. This is a communal land that is owned by the Masaai community. The ranch is home to a big variety of wildlife.  The panoramic views from the camp include those of Kilimanjaro. This is  the tallest mountain in Africa. This is a five star rated camp . It offers you a combination of luxury,wildlife adventure and cultural immersion.

A total of 16 guests can be hosted here at a time. This is one way of ensuring top end exclusive service. The small number of guests are given professional and star rated service. The clients are housed in 6 luxury tented thatched roof cottages . There are also tow suites namely Hemingway and Simba suites. The tented cottages are en suite and offer total privacy. The house, Kanzi House, has 3 double rooms and 2 twin rooms. This can comfortably host  10 clients. The Campi ya Kanzi house  is reserved for single parties or groups at a time.

Activities at Campi ya kanzi include horse riding. This is one of the major activities here. It is one unique way of experiencing wildlife and landscape.  Other activities include escorted nature walks, game drives, Scenic flights, bush breakfasts and dinners, cultural visits, fly camping or even massage and Spa.

There is a lot of biodiversity at the Ranch. Wildlife at kanzi includes, lions elephants, buffalo, eland amongst others totaling to slightly over 60 mammal species. Recorded bird species have reached the numbers of 300. The combination is truly a lifetime experience in the African wild.

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