Chyulu hills horse riding safari

Chyulu hills horse riding safari

This is a ride that grew popular since it was initiated. Chyulu hills horse riding safari takes you unfenced vast ecosystems. The landscape is good ride for both rider and horse. The wildlife is widespread and therefore game sighting is an awesome experience. The surroundings have unbeatable Scenery.

The rides will take you between the Chyulu hills and Amboseli national park. Experience lowlands, savannah plains, thickets and beautiful acacia forest. The air is cool and fresh. The rides are exhilarating. The air is very refreshing . The Chyulu hills also called the spotted hills run parallel to the Nairobi Mombasa highway. They can be seen from a distant on the highway.  They have lava that can be walked on. Experience the strength of Mother Nature by going past the caves and boulders. The sceneries are breath taking. Elephants, giraffe, elands can be seen in this surroundings.The soil is  and lave rocks are safe for the horses.

Chyulu hills horse riding safari offers an opportunity to sample diverse habitat. The surrounding environs are rewarding. The big five are seen. Other animals include Oryx, gerenuk and cheetah. The area has a diversity of bird life. Our safaris will take us to the best spotting sights. The camps move every few days. Service is classy and comfortable. A highly rewarding safari on horseback.

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