Datoga tribe

Datoga tribe

 Datoga tribe are skilled farmers and craftsmen who live around Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. Tanzania is among the best wildlife destinations. It is also diverse in culture. This Datoga tribe is also called the bush blacksmiths. They make metal items that include Knives, arrow tips, and tweezers for their neighboring tribes. This tribe is also a pastrolist community. Finding this tribe is an exiting adventure. It is a must do for most walking safaris in northern Tanzania. The areas inhabited by the tribe have poor infrastructure. This leaves the community prone to poverty, disease and lack of education.  The Datoga tribe and community speaks several dialects. The Datoga man marries outside their clan. They maintain several households to acquire more land.

They Datoga tribe dress in colorful clothing.  They have similarities with the Maasai of Kenya.  They have a distinct culture of tattoos. The Datoga tribe make  circular patterns around their eyes. This similar art is practiced by the southern Sudanese. They embrace cattle but also keep sheep and goats. They have a lot of resemblance with the Maasai. They have use for the very small common items that others may deem useless.

Horns, cow dung, blood, milk and tendon are either used practically or for rituals. The Datoga tribe practices polygamy with the first wife being ranked highest. They marry inside the clan and their funeral affairs are extensive and ceremonies go for such along time. Visiting this tribe will help you embrace farming and craft work to extensive dimensions. This is one safari that will truly expose the side of Cultural tourism Tanzania. It is among our best selling Tanzania safari.

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