Fourteen Falls in Thika

Fourteen Falls in Thika

Fourteen falls is  the name given to this 14 successive falls of water on the Athi River in Thika . Engage in activities like Boating, Fishing, Photography, Walks and Bird Watching which are the major attractions of this Day Trip. The falls are located about 70 kilometers from Nairobi off the Thika  Garrisa highway.

There are several ground guides to lead you up the trails. The experienced guides lead you downstream and on to the spectacular falls. The divers perform spectacular shows as they dive from the cliffs to the waters below.
The cascading waters drop a cool 30 meters below. The flora and fauna by the falls is amazing. There are several bird species that can be sighted here. The air by the pool is fresh and very tempting for you to stay longer.

The Fourteen falls are near the Oldonyo sabuk national park. It is also called the buffalo hill or Kilimambogo. This is due to the large number of buffalo herds that resided and still here.  The park has a site that can be used both as a picnic site or recreation spot for corporate activities. The view of the Oldonyo Sabuk is spectacular. It is home to the grave of Sir Macmillan. He once hosted a former British prime minister and a US president here. Sir Macmillan used to live at the foothills of this Moutain. He was a very famous philanthropist.
The fourteen falls lodge offers accommodation for those who wish to extend their Stay.

Thika town that is near the falls is a cosmopolitan modern town. Large shopping complexes have sprung up. Posh estates and exclusive private garden homes have also come up. The town is an agricultural hub. Groundnuts, pineapple and flower farms thrive hear. It is also the nearest town for farmers bringing products across the central Kenya divide.

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