Haller Park

Haller Park in Mombasa is a Nature Park in Bamburi on the Kenya coast. The park is a transformed quarry and now serving as major tourist attraction for both locals and international tourists. The company idea to transform the idle and unused quarries to a diverse habitat should be recognized.  The park is a great recreation area in the coastal town. The introduced animal species gives the visitors a rare chance. This is because the parks are a distance away from the coastal town. This is therefore a good introduction to African wildlife species.

The Haller park is home to a diverse species of plants and animals. The best known case was the attraction between Owen and Mzee a hippo and tortoise friendship. The park is also home to buffalo, antelopes, Vervet monkeys and a large species of birds. The damas, the casuarinas and coconut palm have best survived the dry limestone desert. The new habitat is an attraction for birds, insects and mammals with the introduction of Eland, giraffe and Oryx. It is also a haven for botanists. The various plant species introduced here thrive well. The plants play role in balancing the ecosystem.
Haller park has been recognized united nations due to the rehabilitation.

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