Horse riding Masai Mara

Horse riding Masai Mara

Karen blixen and Hemingway loved this rusty country. Masai Mara has become one of the most famous destinations of the world. This un spoilt wilderness still has its spectacular wildlife. The landscape and rolling plains is beautiful. The colorful Maasai people are amazing. They are the most recognized community for upholding their culture.

Ride through the vast country, breathe the dust, follow the Zebras and Gnus, enjoy the sunsets in the horizon and share Comfortable camp with the Masaai people.
Most of the horse riding  Masai Mara  happens in the northern conservancy. This is part of Mara is managed by private camp owners. The area has short grass and thickets and is ideal for horseback riding. Mara is enviable for it open savannah plains. Our safaris on horseback will guarantee spectacular views of the rolling hills. The herbivores of the Mara roam these plains freely. Galloping on their side is exciting. The big cats too. The large lion prides are significant with the Mara. If lucky you may encounter them in their daily activity.

The conservancies are huge and ride can take as much as a half day. Horse riding Masai Mara takes us to areas filled with game. We shall encounter game at close range and therefore competent riders are required. The feeling of being this close to nature is quite rewarding.  Sometimes when we ride for hours, we arrange for picnics. Mara sunsets are dazzling.
After the rides, have a hot shower, enjoy the cold tuskers.  Enjoy the hot dinner under moonlight and canvas. A rewarding way of spending a safari in Kenya.

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