Hunters and gatherers of Hazabe tribe

Hunters and gatherers of Hazabe tribe

This hunters and gatherers of Hazabe Tribe  live in traditional doomed houses and depends on hunting and gathering for survival. Small animals, birds and berries form the largest part of their diet. They speak in a click dialect and have very good hunting and survival skills. This tribe has a developed a good relationship with nature as they depend entirely on their surroundings. The hazabe are among the last remaining hunters and gatherers in Africa. The community lives in northern central Tanzania.

Populations have  increased. Encroachment by farming communities is threatening the survival of this community. More people have  invaded their habitat . There is lesser animals and food for survival. The food is too little that the community is prone to hunger. The farmers pull out weed as they farm. Some of these weeds are food for the Hazabe tribe.   The  tribe’s remaining populations are now concentrated around Lake Eyasi and above Yaida valley in an area called Mongo wa Mono.

Our excursions with the hazabe tribe entail a hunting experience. The physically fit are encouraged to do this. This is alot of fun and adventure. The trips include harvesting honey, digging tubers for fresh water among the thorny vegetation. We shall also hunt for hare and rabbit where possible. Hunting for wildlife is illegal in Tanzanian. However this tribe is allowed because of their cultures. They live in coexistence with this animals. These animals are food for the hazabe. They do not take what they do not need.  The government has identified the hazabe tribe as a diminishing community . It is therefore taking measures to sustain them.

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