Kenya Safari Guide

Kenya is home to the original safaris and tour holidays andstill one of the most popular safari destinations for adventure in  Africa. We are famous for  ‘ Elsa the Lioness & Out of Africa’ scenic beauty, diverse cultures and abundant wildlife. We offer a variety of parks and diverse accommodation to fit to your budget and adding leisure and pleasure to your travel experience. The camps and lodges are built in and customized in an African way to give you a feel of the people and their culture.

Our numerous Kenya safari holidays parks and reserves have a lot to offer. Masai Mara is world renown for its wildebeests migration and being home to some of the largest African mammals. Amboseli hosts mighty Kilimanjaro and best home to elephants. Samburu is home to species that are endemic in the northern frontier. Nakuru and Bogoria boasts of large flocks of pelicans and flamingos depending on the season.  Other privately owned ranches in Laikipia also offer wildlife and holiday vacations in utmost Luxury. Our coastal beaches are warm and soothing , a honeymoon here will be memorable.

Our cultures are diverse and we boasts of  42 tribes where each is diverse and special in its own ways. Enjoy a cultural exposure where people are warm and welcoming.
Our travel packages include exclusive camping, luxury lodge and boutique hotels,bush and  beach holidays and wildlife expeditions , bush weddings and honeymoon that attracts holiday makers to this unique destination. If you wish to experience total closeness with nature then our Holiday experience is what you need. Our destinations are well chosen and diverse. Our attention to detail guarantees that your experience will be most enjoyable and  memorable for any Africa travel experience.

Our Kenya Safari holidays are diverse and range from the very basic camping to exclusive bush home holiday hideaways. Encountering the annual wildebeests migration in Masai Mara is a dream of a lifetime . Our Masai Mara migration tours takes you to where it all happens. You can also indulge in other engaging activities which include horse, riding  water rafting, birdwatching, trekking and hiking, and others making this East African country  an all rounded Holiday destination. We do not only offer a big five adventure, but our holiday experience is ultimate and Special.  Our highly experienced and professional  guides will accompany you through out your travel period. End it in style by visiting the white beaches of Zanzibar or Mombasa. Unwind and relax ,wash in the salty waters of the Indian ocean after your experience in the African bush.

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