Kenyan Tea at Kiambethu Farm

Kenyan Tea at Kiambethu Farm

Visit Kiambethu Farm at Limuru, 40 minutes drive from Nairobi. Enjoy a lecture on history, a walk in the forest and tea plantations. Kiambethu was started 1900 by two English settlers and their families. The Farm was the first to grow tea commercially in Kenya. The farm is scenic with views of Ngong hills in the distant.
Sample our tea and have Lunch at the tea estate. This is accompanied by an assortment of home made biscuits. Enjoy the talks on how tea is grown and produced. Limuru is a high altitude area. It is seven thousand meters above sea level.  Enjoy a buffet lunch in the farm. The food is produced locally in the farm. They also have a vegetarian menu.

Kiambethu farm has a vast tea plantation. A walk around the farm is great. You will see the workers picking the tea to be delivered for processing. Tea is one of the major exports in Kenya. Kenya is the third largest tea producing country. We follow Sri Lanka and India.
On the edge of Kiambethu farm is an indigenous forest. It is among the last remaining forest in Kenya. The farm is home to a troop of white and black colobus monkeys. The indigenous plants here are highly valued by the Kikuyu community. They are used for medicinal purposes.

Kiambethu has cottages that can host guests for an overnight stay. Enjoy the calm and tranquil environment of Kenya.

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