Laikipia Horse Rides

Laikipia Horse Rides

Laikipia horse rides  are common in Laikipia Plateau . The conservancies as big as 100, 000 acres with  thousands of wild animals. This was once haven for Ranchers.  They have now turned them to wildlife conservancies. This is due to the human wildlife conflict .They now promote tourism.  Most of these ranches still keep domestic animals on the side for production.  However tourism is the major activity here. Exclusive bush home, lodges and tented camps hosts guests in Laikipia.  Laikipia horse rides is the best way to discover this un spoilt wilderness. It is among the best places to visit in northern Kenya.

All the big five are found here. Smaller species are also seen. Cat families that include the  melanistic leopard have been reported here. However there is no guarantee of seeing them. The conservancies are quite huge. However covering them on Laikipia  horse rides is fun by itself. Laikipia has scenic and splendid landscapes. Wildlife viewing on horseback rides is amazing. The terrain is difficult and needs qualified riders. The valley, hills and river crossings add to the excitement. The area is known for exqusite luxury in the wild. You can sleep under the star if you wish.

Laikipia also boasts of diverse cultures. The pokots, Samburu , Turkana, Njemps can be experienced hear. The Yakkwe, one of the least known tribes also resides here in the Mukogodo forest.

These conservancies also offer a variety of other services. They include walking safaris, camel riding, day and night game drives to their clients. They include Borana, Tassia, Sosian, Loisaba, Sarara, ol lentille, kicheche laikipia and others.

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