Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana is also known as the jade sea due to its remarkable blue green color or Lake Rudolf. The Lake has a number of facts attached to it.  In this area Paleontologist Richard Leaky discovered the Homo erectus or upright man. The permanent desert Lake is also famous for having the largest population of Nile crocodile in the world. Turkana is surrounded by spectacular attractions that make it a hidden gem in northern Kenya. The central island is an old island with three crater lakes.

It is a spectacular sight from above and home to local and migrant birds in certain times of the year. Kobi Fora is an archaeological site found on the north eastern shores. There is also a petrified forest at Alia bay. The shattered tree trunks have been here for many million years evidence of wetter and greener eras in this otherwise dry area in northern Kenya. Unique and interesting  tribes that live around in the lake are a major attraction here. it is home to the smallest ethnic community in Kenya, the Elmolo.

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