Lamu cultural festival

Lamu cultural festival

Kenya is a County of diverse cultures. Lamu cultural festival is  held in the coastal town of Lamu  in November. Lamu Island  is an old Swahili town that still holds the architecture, culture and ways of the early inhabitants. The festival promotes the local tradition, food, culture and customs of the local communities. This town is accessed by donkeys and no cars to date. Sailing, cultural, donkey races and swimming competitions take place during this festival. Many other activities  also take place during this time. If you are lucky you can be an audience in a Swahili marriage.Swahili poetry is also show cased.

Lamu Island  is diverse having many early settlers coming here form various races and cultures. The Lamu cultural  festival is an exposure platform.During the festival you will experience the diversity . Culture, dances from the various cultures, handicrafts and souvenir exhibitions, henna paintings, wood carving, weaving poetry and much more.
Lamu Island is a largely Muslim community and therefore very respectful of their mode of dressing. Women adorn buibui that cover the whole body.  Kinds of dressing like bikinis and very short dressing are not allowed in public. The accommodation in Lamu is varied. Villas, hotels, lodges, luxury homes and boutique hotels are just but examples.  Lamu is accessed both by air and road from Nairobi via Mombasa.


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