Maasai Culture and dance

Maasai Culture and dance

The Maasai are the best known pastrolists community. Maasai Culture has maintained the traditional lifestyle and to date still wear the loose red or blue clothing depending on where they are.

The Maasai Live in communal land and their homesteads are built in an enclosed area surrounded by thorn bush. Sometimes they are forced to move their homes from place to another in search of green pasture and water for their livestock. They have a deep culture and still hold highly to date.

Maasai Culture and dance are included in traditional ceremonies include child naming, circumcision or even weddings. The Maasai men are the community warriors who protect their livestock and homesteads. The Maasai boys go through circumcision at the age of 14. After circumcision they become the village morans.  They fight and protect land and animals from invaders. They also go herding their livestock to very distant areas. Later they become warriors and are allowed to marry. Maasai women do all the household chores. This include milking and building their houses. Houses are made of sticks and grass with a mixture of cow dung and mud as plaster. They are also involved in very attractive bead work.

The Maasai culture and dance have suffered exploitation of by other tribes. This is a major tourism selling point.  They they have enrolled to school so they can learn the basics and protect their Maasai culture.  Some have even become very good guides and naturalists in the lodges and National parks.  A visit to the Maasai entails a taste of cultural activities that include song and dance and making fire using sticks and cow dung. They Maasai are found in parts of Kenya and Tanzania. The maasi culture is common in East Africa. They have upheld most cultural practices.

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