Mararal Camel derby

Mararal Camel derby

Mararal Camel derby is  held in August in Mararal a town in Northern part of Kenya, Samburu County.  The Mararal Camel derby brings together the Turkana, Samburu, Pokot cultures who are all pastoralists’ communities. Mararal is dry area. A lot of conflicts occur due to drought. Pastrolists in this areas go for miles in search of the special commodity. The Mararal camel derby brings this communities together. Dances, traditional brews, artifacts and experiences. The Warriors also called Moran are the major attractions here. They adorn colorful bead work and clothing.  In this part of the country the camel also called the ship of the desert is a very vital animal. The camel can withstand harsh temperatures and long hours without water in this dry region. It is used in these races by the locals and international attendees.  These animals are of good service to the communities living here. They use the animals to move from place to place. They also use them to ferry products and produce. The Mararal derby also creates awareness on the importance of camels.

Cycling contest also runs con currently with the derby which can be done by professional or amateurs.

A triathlon where you run, bike and race a camel is also held. It is a challenging but awesome adventure.

Mararal town is a stop over town for adventure seekers heading north.  This part is the  best un spoilt wilderness county in Kenya. The Jade sea or Lake Turkana is a major attraction here.  The Derby brings about interaction, sharing and most of all fun to the people involved. The dry town comes to life during this event.

Mararal is accessed by air to Nanyuki or isiolo then proceed by road. Nanyuki is the modern town close to Maralal. Here you can get all your amenities before you proceed north. Look out for the snow peaked Mt Kenya on a clear day.  Accommodation can be at the Mararal safari lodge, Yare camel club or even camping.

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