Masai Mara

Masai Mara

Home to the big five and among the best wildlife arenas in the world. Masai Mara is known for the spectacular wildebeest’s migration that occurs between the months of July to October. This is the best park to see the big five and lots of hoofed mammals roaming freely in the plains. A safari in Masai Mara provides you with an opportunity to experience the best that nature has to offer. A mix of wildlife, a cultured community, spectacular landscapes, rolling plains and the sights and sounds of the night, it will leave you yearning for more. The reserve has been famed for the spectacular big cat series that has been shot here. The ecosystem in Masai Mara supports a lot of plant and animal life therefore providing the best chances to spot wildlife.

The Maasai community lives around this Conservancy .Most work in the lodges and camps in this area. Having grown here makes them very good naturalists and therefore are available to give you all the info about the flora and fauna in the Mara. The road to Mara might not be the best but the heaven beyond is an imaginable. Mara is an extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti National park. Over a million wildebeests migrate annually in to the Mara from the months of July and October.  This is the best time to view the various ways that nature balances itself. Mara is a must safari experience.

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