Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary

The sanctuary is situated in the southern coast of Kenya. Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary was formerly occupied by the Duruma community. The community farmed and hunted in this forest until they interfered with the migration corridor of the elephants. The human wildlife conflicts led to death and destruction. This made the wildlife services come up with a proposal. Another way to benefit the community was decided thus creating tourism alternate.

The Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary offers superb opportunities to see the big tuskers of Kenya. Elephants are the main attraction here. Other mammals include Zebras, warthogs, baboons, waterbucks, Sykes and colo0bus monkeys. The serene and spectacular landscapes add to the beauty of Mwaluganje. The endemic cycads also thrive here. Wild flowers and the desert rose bloom at the end of the short rainy season making the blooms a sight to be hold. Bird watchers can also enjoy the sights of hunting and hovering palm nut vultures and crowned eagles. Rolling hills, cliffs, water shades, rolling hills, steep ridges, cliffs and winding water shades, riverine forests and scrubland add to the scenic beauty of this hidden treasure. The sanctuary is also home to some sacred shrines of the local community. This tour offers a good trip for a day excursion from Mombasa. A great way to spend a day away from the beach.

This sanctuary is home to a variety of birds. It is also a haven for different species of butterflies due to the diverse habitat. The array of habitat in Mwaluganje makes it a good haven for visit.

Simple accommodation is available at the traveler’s Tented camp.

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