Nairobi National park

Nairobi National park

Nairobi national park is Kenya’s first ever National Park and oldest animal Sanctuary. The only park closest to a city in the World. With an abundant variety of wildlife flora and fauna it is only a half hour drive south of the city center. The park itself is relatively small with only 117km2 but it is part of a larger eco-system with approximately 2000km2. Animals to see include Hippopotamus, Zebras, antelopes, crocodiles, black and white rhinos,gazelles,countless smaller mammals,cheetahs,leopards and lions. However large herbivores migrate seasonally in and out of the park with hartebeests and elands wondering as far as Amboseli National Park. The Park is also an ideal starting point for ornithological safaris, with over 400 species of bird life.

Nairobi national  park can be accessed via its seven gates. However two of those are for the wildlife service only.Attractions in Nairobi national park including wildlife is the Ivory burning site monument, walking trails at the hippo pools, Nairobi safari walk and orphanage and very spacious picnic sites.

Corporate events, bush dinners, wedding, team building activities can be held here at the various sites that include Mokoiyet, kingfisher and impala.

We do not have in park accommodation. However the park is bordered by a wide range of accommodations that can be easily accessed. Clients may also choose to stay in the hotels  in the city as the park is only few kilometers away.

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