Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi village is in the northern part of Zanzibar. A Nungwi village tour takes you to the best known fishing village of Zanzibar. Fish is caught during the night. It is therefore advisable to plan a tour to this village in the early morning. This is when the market is very busy. Vendors are very active in the trade. A variety of fish and in different sizes is on display. The fishermen also engage in dicing and fishing activities this morning to catch squid, lobster and crabs that will be on sale all day at the beach.

Nungwi is the last beach to allow tourism. The beaches are still very clean. Nungwi does not have a lot of tourist hotels but they have among the best. It is a conservative village. It is advisable to ask for permission before any photographs.
Nungwi village tour can engage you in other activities. A visit to the natural aquarium is a must. The aquarium has been shaped out of the coral reef bed by the tides and ocean waves. The inhabitants include turtles and a number of fish species. The Nungwi boat yard is another attraction. Learn how the dhows and boats are made from scratch. The main activity at Nungwi is fishing.  It therefore requires a large number of dhows and boats. The men are at work and this is their daily way of life.
End the visit to Nungwi with a dive in the ocean. The beaches are warm and inviting. You can sample some local delicacies and drinks. These are available in local restaurants.

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