Ruma National Park

Ruma National Park

Ruma lies in Western Kenya close to the shores of Africa’s largest inland lake, Lake Victoria. It lays on the floor of Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza.The Park covers an area of 120 square kilometers.
Ruma is the only Terrestrial Park in the entire Nyanza Province. Ruma national park was initially established as the Lambwe Valley Game Reserve in 1966 to protect its indigenous population of rare roan antelopes .Its the only park in Kenya where this antelopes can be seen. It was gazetted in 1983 and named Ruma National park. The park is largely of black cotton soil with surrounding area settled with a mix of small scale cultivation and grassy pasture land.

The park was named after a powerful wizard. A much feared one who lived near the park.Ruma National park has over 400 species of birds. The blue swallow an intra African migrant is usually seen here. This has made Ruma an important Bird area.

There are two campsites in the park Nyati and Fig tree campsite.

Oribi guest house is a self catering guest house. The house offers cool and tranquil atmosphere for guests



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