Rwanda Safari


Safari ideas in Rwanda can include Wildlife tours, bird watching tours, cultural experiences, chimps and Gorilla trekking, boat rides, forest and nature walks, hiking and visiting the Genocide memorial parks.

9 days Rwanda Experience

Rwanda is the land of the hills. Spend a week in the hills of Virunga. Take a walk with the Gorrillas and experience an exceptional Rwanda Safari experience.
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6 Days Primate Escapade

Enjoy the views of East Africa destination. Kigali is set evergreen rolling hills. Rwanda safari is an exceptional experience with the various number of primates seen here. The experience is awesome.
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4 Days Rwanda Safari Experience

A highly personalized safari with exceptional guides. Enjoy 4 Days of primate fun fair in this Rwanda safari. Enjoy the best Safari deals to the virunga for an inspiring experience with the silver backs.
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3 Days Akagera National Park Safari

Engage with a mix of wildlife and Birding safari. The Akagera is an important bird area and still home to a variety of wildlife and habitats. Enjoy this biodiversity sphere of Rwanda.
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