Cultural Safari

cultural safari

cultural safari

Cultural Safari in Kenya, Tanzania Rwanda and Zanzibar are a combination of Rich cultures and diverse community programmes. The combination of communities and traditi0nal customs in this region offers a rich package for anyone wishing to learn about the African culture. Kenya has a total of 42 ethnic communities each with practices that are rich, entertaining and educative. Cultural practices include bull fighting, Circumcision; Maasai wedding, Tanzania combined has 120 tribes. Bushmen tours, Village and home stays, rock paintings, medicine men and traditional healers are some of the experiences in this diverse region. Despite the genocide in 1994, Rwanda has come up with vigor and the communities striving to live together and peacefully. Traditional dances and drumming are a major thing in Rwanda. The diversity of cultures in this region offers a variety of options for anyone wishing to sample the cultures of Africa. Cultural safari and tourism is diverse, enjoyable and quite an authentic experience.


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