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Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla Safaris is a unique adventure experience in the best and well known spectacular rainforests in Rwanda and Uganda. This Gorilla safaris takes you deep in to the rainforests in search of the silver back mountain gorillas.

We have only 650 mountain gorillas left and experience with these distant relatives is exceptional. The amazing animals live in family groups, led by a dominant silver back whose aim is to play leader and protect the family. Observing this close knit family which is combined of females, black backs and juveniles is an exclusive adventure. Their glossy silver backs protect them from the cold and rain of the rain forests.

The Gorilla trekking can either be long or short depending on where the gorillas were last seen. Silence is golden and gives you a wonderful time of observing these mammals in their most natural behavior. There is a limit to the number of people on entry per day to limit disturbance to the animals. Rwanda Safari gives you an opportunity to observe the wonderful creatures that can be seen in either Rwanda or Uganda’s rain forest.

Our Rwanda tours and Uganda safaris are customized to suit your preference and budget.


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