Philanthropic Safari

philanthropic safari

philanthropic safari

A Safari to Africa or any other part of the world is a life time experience. When you take time off your tight schedule, you want the time you have spared to be memorable and to make the most out of it. Most of the Kenya safaris organized are leisure, adventure or even luxury. Why not spare some time to indulge in activity that will benefit the local community. This can be in form of conservation, developments or humanitarian. Our Kenya Philanthropic safaris will introduce you to the very normal ways of life of the local communities that you can otherwise say are abnormal. They will also take you to the very deep factors that affect society. Mostly left unspoken.

 Though the safaris take you in preserved wildlife destinations and conservancies, not all communities surrounding these areas get the basic requirements of life. Communities are diverse and they all have different needs. Africa’s largest slum is found in Kenya and a visit to Kibera is worthwhile. Engage with the less fortunate children in the society or even with those that are suffering from Aids. Pack a little more and make an unfortunate child Smile.

Central Kenya is rich in agriculture but it also has its dark side. Communities to date have been affected by an insect that make their lives a living hell. Jigger infestation is one negative aspect that really affects the community here. So unfortunate that it may lead to death in some cases.

The Nilotic community to date has cultural practices that are rated primitive but are still practiced. Visit and help the needy girls who have undergone the female genital mutilation or even suffering from fistula as a result. Sanitary towels are a luxury to girls in the rural communities. Every month a girl will miss 4 days in her school calendar leading to 48 days in a year. This will really bring them down in performance and lead them to early marriages because they do not pass in the exams. We believe educating a woman is educating a society, we want to make a difference. Make a difference by touching the most needy and youngest lives in Africa. In between game drives and adventure in your Philanthropic safari ,change a life and save a soul .

Indulge in our philanthropic safaris and change a life in Africa.

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