Water Sports Safari

Kenya Water sports Safari

Kenya Water sports Safari

The Kenyan coast if famous for its long white sand beaches and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The warm waters of the ocean are ideal for swimming, diving and fishing.

A number of luxury resorts have sprung up along the coastline .This makes your stay on the beach marvelous and  one to remember. A number of this resorts offer water sports safari ideas.  Enjoy a number of water sport safari activities in the day and experience a dazzling and humid nightlife of the coast town in the night. The activities are diverse and engaging. Instructors are available where necessary.

Sports equipment services and equipment can be hired. Both motorized and non-motorized water sports safari and water related activities are available for hire in many of these resorts.

Water sports safari activities include: Jet skiing, Windsurfing, Speed boats, Sailing, Deep sea fishing, Whale and dolphin watching, Kayaking and more. Lamu is a coastal town in the coast. These kinds of activities are offered  during the Lamu cultural festival.  Swimming competitions and canoeing competitions are also held.

These water sports safari activities have extended to the Kenyan highlands of Mt Kenya along the Sagana River. White water rafting is a major activity here along the river rapids.

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