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wellness and spa

wellness and spa

It is not all about the big safari to Africa, its now about me time and rejuvenation. Our daily routines are at times a very boring experience. We customize your getaways where you leave to exotic Africa destinations,  restore your physical and mental energy in Wellness and Spas retreats  that are scattered all over Kenya and Tanzania.

 Imagine a long drive along the dusty savannah, a safari in the African bush is some times very tedious. The infrastructure is some areas do not make it any better. Complete such an experience with a holistic retreat, self-indulgent and totally relaxing episode at a wellness and Spa resort in the African wilderness.

While you lay down, your stress is kneaded away and your worries soothed away  leaving you in a great mood, totally relaxed and renewed for your daily activities. Experience pampering at its best, unwinding moments, Wellness and Spa breaks in East Africa. Re discover you and go back home a better person with renewed energy.

Whether on, honeymoon, a group of friends, reunion getaways, or solo travel wellness and Spa holidays is a must have. Indulge yourself and be  rejuvenated.

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