Samburu, Buffalo springs and Shaba Game Reserves

Samburu, Buffalo springs and Shaba Game Reserves

Located 345 km North of Nairobi in heartland of Samburu .All three Reserves offer unique attarcations of rounded, covering an area of 300km along the banks of seasonal Ewaso Nyiro river. Ewaso nyiro is a  Samburu name meaning “Brown waters” which is fifth longest in Kenya.Shaba National reserve is home to Joy Adamson’s and is notable for its hot springs.

Samburu and Buffalo springs have a variety of habitats and are therefore home to different kind of wildlife which include Somali ostrich, Reticulated giraffe, beisa Oryx, Generuks (Wall antelope) Grevy zebra and also home to Elephants, Solitary Leopard, lions and Cheetahs.The three parks are also home to over 390 species of birds making it a Birders destination with species like; vulturine guinea fowls and Orange bellied parrot.
A shared moment with Samburu people is moment to treasure, their rich culture and heritage is learning experience of cultural diversity and entertainment.

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