Seychelles Honeymoon

Seychelles is rich in natural history and a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. Most of its land mass is set aside as parks or reserves with the aim of preserving the rich ecosystem. Endemic specimens like the largest seed on the planet, the Coco-de Mur, the smallest frog, heaviest tortoise, the only flightless bird and other bird endemics like the Seychelles paradise flycatcher and Seychelles warbler not forgetting the Jelly fish tree are found only here. Seychelles is also a world heritage site with the raised Coral atoll and Praslin’s vallee de Mai.

Culture: Different people form various races moved in to Seychelles and as a result it’s now a cosmopolitan blend of cultures very rich in art, Cuisine, music and dance.

Climate is warm and rarely rises above 32 degrees Celsius or below 24 degrees Celsius. It is therefore an year round destination for beach and sun lovers.Visitors enjoy 12 hours of Sunlight with the day beginning at 6 am and the sun setting at around 6:30 in the evening.

Activities: Different activities are possible during various times of the year and therefore wise to inquire if the climate favors you and your preferred activity at your time of travel.In Seychelles one can indulge in fishing, diving, sailing, island hopping, nature walks and trails, helicopter flying, wedding and honeymoon, scuba diving and Pure romance.

Accommodation: These include large and small guest houses, self catering hoses, Spa resorts, luxury villas, marina hotels, boat charters and exclusive Seychelles secrets.

All this combined make Seychelles the ultimate retreat getaway after a dusty, memorable African Safari. A Seychelles Honeymoon is the perfect gift for your significant Other. Seychelles honeymoon Packages range from few days to exclusive stays in an imaginable getaways. The hotels in Seychelles range from simple hotels to exotic beachfront homes and Villas. We customize your Seychelles honeymoon package to suit your requirements.

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