Sweetwaters Conservancy Day safari

Sweetwaters Conservancy Day safari

Sweetwaters Conservancy is only three hours from Nairobi with good roads and no traffic. Ol Pejeta conservancy  is the closest park from Nairobi that you can see the big five plus rescued chimpanzees a one in its kind sanctuary in Kenya. The chimpanzee sanctuary was started by Dr Jane Gondall and is home to rescued animals.  Game drives are spectacular and if you are lucky you can sight all the big five and much more. This day trip offers you chance to engage in the game drives, spectacular sights of Mt Kenya.

The Journey takes you from the hustle and bustle of the city center. We shall pass through the fertile highlands of Kenya. Large farms are based along the highways. Pineapple farms, mango plantations,Nuts, tea and coffee farms are good examples. The equator passes through Nanyuki and this is a good place to experience its features. Mt Kenya lies across the equator and is the only place that snow can be found in this hot region. Return back to the city in the evening.

Over the decade the sweetwaters conservancy has been accepting chimpanzees rescued from traumatic situations. They chimpanzees are nursed and fed. They recover quickly and are very fun to watch.
Humans are most closely related to chimpanzees. We share 98% genes. These animals have an ability to walk and stand and can also walk on all fours. Their opposable thumbs enable these animals to make use of tools that include sticks, grass and rocks. They can fish for termites using grass stick and crack nuts using rocks.
The sweetwaters conservancy offers a full travel package for its clients. Despite it being home to the big five at olpajeta , it is home to this endangered primates that can really spice up your tour.  .

The conservancy can be accessed by road and Air. Flights land at Nanyuki, the closets town to the park.

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