Turkana cultural Festival

Turkana cultural Festival

Turkana cultural festival is held in May in Turkana a dry and nomadic area in northern Kenya. This is home to Lake Turkana also called the Jade Sea. It is also home to a number of archaeological sites discovered by Richard leaky. The three days Turkana Cultural festival brings togetherness and communalism in this region which is otherwise known for environmental challenges, famine, poor infrastructure and conflicts amongst communities as they look for the rarest but very important commodity here, water.

The communities around Lake Turkana are mostly pastoralists with some turning into fisherman. Sharing the diversity of these communities, food or just their common way of living is by all means rewarding. The area has poor infrastructure and getting there is fun by itself. Turkana cultural festival is an immersion of sorts. Organizers of the cultural festival help in cross cultural interactions while they arrange for the whole event. The exposure of this otherwise very culturally rich but unknown location has brought about increase in adventure seekers in such an event.

Turkana is accessible by air to Loyangalani airstrip and by road though the latter is long, tedious but adventurous. Accommodation is available in the local parish guest houses, a hotel and camping grounds. The main goals for this Cultural tourism festival are cultural interactions and peace promotion and to a larger extend opening the undisturbed and spectacular Turkana Cultural Festival as a northern circuit tourist attraction.

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