Zanzibar Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar Stone town is the oldest Swahili town in east Africa. The town has a lot of culture and historical sites. This is also the spice island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar market, built in 1904 is among the major attractions. Buy and sample various tropical fruits that grow here. The slave market existed here many years back. It is now the Anglican cathedral church. Zanzibar was one of the ports of slave trade. Slaves could be exported to Europe via this port. The history of Zanzibar is very rich. Other monuments include Arab old fort, the high court building, French hotel, the house of wonders, the Persian baths, sultan palace museum and much more. However there is some entrance fees charge.

Zanzibar Stone town boasts of narrow and alleys and streets. Most of this houses date back 250 years. The architecture on the doors and windows is to die for. There are several bazaar and shops where you can spend a few coins.  Experience a leisure walk in the town. The people are warm and charming.
Swahili food and sugar can drinks are sold at cheap prices. These are some of the local’s delicacies.
At sunset visit the forodhani gardens. Here is a range of typical Swahili food stalls. The sunset is spectacular. The Zanzibar Stone town tour is a 3 hour guided town. Learn about the history of Zanzibar in style. Explore experience and enjoy. Extend your Kenyaor Tanzania Safari to this coastal town.

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